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My mum is of the opinion that you can 'just tell' whether someone is straight or not... *sigh* What are your thoughts on this (for the record, I personally disagree with her)?
Yay :D
Equal marriage is now law in all 50 states! :)
Go America!

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Username changed so it is in line with my wattpad. A link will be posted when there is actually something that is good and less than two years old on there...
Eh... sorry for the mass upload that is currently taking place. None of my family are currently home and I have finally got the computer to myself for five minutes when I don't need to do revision. I won't be uploading again for a while, and I have a big backlog, so I apologise. I'll try to limit it a bit...
What's the equivalent of jetlag for when Daylight Saving Time starts/ends? Bacause I've got it.


Ruth Collard-Stayte
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm just a strange unusual 16-year-old girl who happened to find this website one day and liked it. I also happen to be a MASSIVE J.R.R. Tolkien fan. :)
I have 4 cats, Sooty (who is in the photo), Lilly, Wilbur and George, and a little sister (This is her account::iconineveryfandom:). I most enjoy photography and writing.
I'm happy to talk on here if you want, no matter how awkward I am in real life, so just send me a note if you want to chat! :D

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Instead of thanking me for faves, please look at my gallery and see if there is anything you like in there!:D
Thank you for everyone's faves, watches, llamas etc if I don't reply. I always really appreciate it, but sometimes I am too lazy to reply. So sorry if I don't.

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 Apologies for the excessive swearing. 

Bloody motherfuckin Arkansas. Or at least, the Governor and state government of. What the f*ck is he doing? @$&@$$&saedf$@ ok I'll get on with what I was actually saying.
How dare they pass a law like this? Now businesses and sh*t can refuse to serve people based on sexuality. And provinces in Arkansas ain't allowed to pass any new anti-LGBT discrimination laws either. I mean... what the actual f*ck? It's like reading something out of a History. In fact, it reads like my history textbook. Why are they doing this?

And the thing is, the government could overrule it if they chose to. But they didn't. What really pisses me off is that if the ruling was on race, or gender, or religion, there'd be protests everywhere, and possibly even riots, and the federal government'd be rushing to overturn the law and force an apology, if only for fear of upsetting people (especially if it was race). But because it's against LGBT, there aren't major protests (as far as I know), or riots, or anything else. Granted, it has got on the news over here, although I think that is just because the BBC is kinda pro-LGBT rights (or they like to stir up a fuss).

But LGBT discrimination still seems to be sometimes quietly accepted, even by governments, whereas every other type of discrimination has long since been seen as wrong by (virtually) everyone. Don't get me wrong, it's good that there's protests and stuff against other laws, and other forms of discrimination should in no way exist, but why should LGBT discrimination be acceptable in a way that no other form of discrimination is, in an age that is supposedly 'modern' and 'forward-thinking'?

It's true that society is, slowly, changing for the better.  It is becoming, though by no means easy, definitely easier every day for people to come out as who they really are - gay, bisexual, transsexual, genderfluid - and be accepted by their family and friends. Lots of people don't accept LGBT discrimination. A lot of the time, it isn't accepted by the law. But society seems to be moving backwards in some ways - increasing numbers of states are recriminalizing gay marriage; there is no American federal LGBT anti-discrimination laws for employment or housing; many states do not grant visitation and decision-making rights to same-sex partners in hospital, even though an executive order was issued for it in 2010; and now there's this - this discriminatory law could've been overturned by the federal government, but it hasn't. And I would love to know why.
  • Mood: Outraged
  • Reading: To Kill A Mockingbird (rereading)
Hello again.
First off, I need to apologise for being inactive (well, practically) for so long. I have been doing a lot of last-minute coursework, and then of course our teachers decided that instead of spreading our controlled assessments out over two years, Which they could've done, they would do them all in the space of about two weeks. TMI (Too Much Information) So yeah... but now I'm back! Well, for a few days anyway. Then I'll be off again, as I have my GCSEs coming up, until the end of June. And then I'll be back for good! Yay! :D

Ok. An update. I'm only gonna do the last few days, it'll be too long otherwise.
It's my Easter holidays, so no school for two weeks (hooray!) and I've had a week off so far. I had a hospital appointment, in which I was made to look like a cyborg, but my mum didn't take a photo so I can't show you :(. I revised with plastic dinosaurs, who now really hate physics after being blown up and being in car crashes and all sorts - don't worry, they're invincible, they're not dead. I went to my cousin's birthday, in which we stayed up until one in the morning chatting. I ate lots of chocolate. I met my aunt's new boyfriend, who is friendly and quite philosophical - we had an in-depth talk with him and another of my cousins about Macbeth. I (finally) watched Pride.

So yeah. Sounds a lot when you put it like that. I have another hospital appt tomorrow about my wrists. Then the opticians, grandparents, more revision, and back to school next Monday. :sigh: I hate school. Not education. Just school.

But yay! I can finally be back on dA again properly soon! :) :D
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Reading: To Kill A Mockingbird (rereading)


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